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JMAC Kids believes in offering a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to our students. Many families spend a lot of time transporting their children to activities in the evenings & on the weekends. We give your child the opportunity to participate in these activities during their time spent with us. The extras offered:

Mixed Martial Arts—once a week, 30 minutes (older group), 30 minutes (younger group), presented by Clearwater Martial Arts Academy. Kempo Karate, grappling, and sparring specially designed for elementary students. Our younger class focuses on balance, techniques, and martial art style games.. Included in our weekly program at no extra fee.

Gymnastics—once a week, 30 minutes (older group), 20 minutes (younger group). Students enjoy learning balance beam and floor routines. Included in our weekly program at no extra fee.

Chess Club—once a week, 90 minutes, presented by the Clearwater Chess Club. Studies have shown that chess can increase a student’s concentration, memory, and analytical skills. Students learn new strategies and skills and then are given the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned. The club is also involved in local and state competitions. $25 per month

Arts & Crafts—taught every other week, 30 minutes to one hour. Students work with several different mediums and bring home their projects. Learning how to craft has never been so much fun! $5 per class

Cooking—taught every other week, 30 minutes to one hour. Students learn to read simple no bake recipes, measure ingredients, proper food prep, and eat what they cook (that’s the best part)! $5 per class

Baton – once a week for forty-five minutes. For students going into 2nd grade and up. Students will learn not only how to twirl a baton, but learn about co-ordination, teamwork, leadership and have fun while twirling. We will march in the Dunedin Christmas parade, and perform a few times a year at different locations showing off our skills. (not offered in during summer camp)

Soccer Club—once a week for thirty minutes., presented by Happy Feet. Instructors us stories, songs, nursery rhymes, and fun games designed to captivate & entertain, teach creative soccer techniques, enhance motor development, and develop social skills & self esteem. $25 per month

Homework Room— Monday through Thursday. Students have the opportunity to work on &/or complete their homework assignments. Our room is equipment with the necessary items to complete tasks. The homework room monitor is available to explain directions, motivate, and answer questions. Included in our weekly program at no extra fee.

* Optional classes require parent or guardian to sign child up for class. Additional fee for Cooking/Craft class, Baton, Soccer, and Chess Clubs


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